Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering (ATAGG) 2014

November 7th 2014, Bangalore

"Experience Agility"

Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering (ATAGG) is a first of it's kind annual conference specifically focused on “practical agile & agile testing"!!

Most of the conferences in the Agile world focus only on Agile as a new belief system or Scrum as a framework. However, literally no conference has focussed on agile engineering and testing practices!! Agile Testing Alliance is pioneering in exploring an all round, global, independent view on such daunting “practical” questions through it's Global Gathering. Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering is a one of its kind conference having 2 tracks dedicated for hands-on sessions called “dojos” along with experts coming from across the globe, sharing their experiences and expert advice on these practical agile testing scenarios and questions.


Pre-Conference Workshops
4-5-6 Nov
Certified Professional - Agile Automation Testing (CP-AAT)
- Ashish Mishra & Schalk Cronjé Learning Objectives Register Now
Main Conference Event (November 7th, 2014)
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Post Conference Workshop
8-9-10 Nov
Certified Professional - Selenium Automation Testing (CP-SAT)
- Ashish Mishra & Masa Kevin Maeda Learning Objectives Register Now

Conference Topics Details

High-collaboration dynamics for better test design
Increase your level of understanding of the customer, the end-user, the market and the product to crate better tests. Few great tests are better than lots of poor tests. I’ve applied this with all sorts of customers and industries such as telecom, aviation, PMOs, online services, human resources, IT, Sw Dev, and other.

Team exercises all along and non-stop
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Test designers, leaders, managers
Testing in Agile: Anti Patterns and Remedies
Agile is an approach/methodology of developing and delivering software. However, unfortunately quite a few times it ends up being a set of rituals and ceremonies. Following a set of rituals without understanding the principles behind could cause teams to not benefit from agile fully. In this talk Krishna Kumar will present some testing practices that various agile teams employ. Some of these practices are anti-patterns (has the exact opposite effect of what is expected), while others become an anti-pattern sooner or later if not tweaked according to the changing situations.

Krishna Kumar about the aspects like - Whose responsibility is Quality ? Measuring agile testers success? Balance between automation and exploratory testing etc. Along with each of the anti-pattern, Krishna Kumar about solutions to fix these anti-patterns.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Test Managers, Testers (System and NFR), Agile Coaches, Project and Delivery Managers and anyone who is interested?
Designing Agile Test Strategy for Mobile Apps
Key objectives include learning about device fragmentation, shotgun approach, mobile personas and using analytics to fine-tune test strategy to arrive at key release decisions. It also includes how agile approach to mobile apps testing using crowdtesting can be beneficial for stakeholders

The first half of the session will be about explaining the concept and second half will be a hands-on exercise about designing a mobile test strategy for a sample mobile app [I am yet to identify a mobile app, most probably, it will be Whatsapp since most of the audience will have this on their phone. Please don’t publish about which app will be used as I need to plan for it]
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Mobile App Programmers, Product Managers, Testers, Test Managers, Product Stakeholders
Is your code Toggled?!?
Generally, most teams use multiple branches to manage this challenge to an extent. This strategy, consumes lot of time in integration & regression testing cycles every sprint. Could there be better solution? What if we could save the time we spend on these regression cycles? Think of solution where there is single branch to commit to, and everything is released to staging/production, but features are ”Toggled” depending on their usability/need. This talk explores a concept called “Feature Toggles” and how it could help us make test cycles short.

Talk emphasizes on effectively managing multiple streams, without delaying the delivery of software. It mainly focuses on various useful techniques (Branching, Feature Toggles etc.) which can help agile teams with multiple sub-teams to efficiently manage their codebase & releases to achieve faster delivery.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Everyone attending the conference
Digesting Cucumber Salad
Understand BDD, BDD using Cucumber, Hands on experience in writing good scenarios and creating feature files, Understanding the working of Cucumber and gain practical exposure in creating and execution of the scenarios and Integrating with Selenium (application used will be ATA Calculator).

The Dojo will have a very brief introduction about Behavior Driven Development and the role that Cucumber plays as a collaboration tool. There will also be some introduction on the working of Cucumber & its architecture. Following this, the participants will be made to work hands-on on the following tasks:
1. Writing User Stories
2. Creating Feature File containing the scenarios in the given-when-then format
3. Cucumber-Eclipse setup
4. Execution of the scenarios
5. Integration with Selenium
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Laptop with internet connectivity, Eclipse IDE, Cucumber JVM, JUnit, Selenium IDE, Firefox Browser.
Candidates interested to gain an exposure to Cucumber, preferably having some knowledge of Selenium.
Non-Functional Testing In Agile
Product development set-up involving multiple external interfaces / Hardware intensive / heterogeneous environment; Automation feasibility for NFR is limited. Typically NFR tests are done at release level in a separate Hardening iteration. But that exposes the project to the risk of key NFR defects being reported too late. One approach to counter this is to do NFR tests along with every sprint. Not within the sprints, but in parallel to the (development) sprints – with the build from the preceding iteration. This will provide necessary time and space for NFR tests to be done with due diligence.
- Introduce the concept of doing early NFR tests
- Look at the possibility of doing early NFR tests within the Iterations vis-à-vis parallel to Iterations
- Explore the team structure options
- Relate the learning with Crispin’s Agile Testing Quadrants

This concept would be elaborated / explored by teams of 6-8 working with lego blocks. They will build a structure iteratively, while the structure needs to be subjected to early NFR tests. So the team will appreciate the context and explore ways to counter. The learnings from the team and already available learnings from session organizer will be shared and discussed.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Lego Blocks (one set for 6 people)
Test Managers, Testers (System and NFR), Agile Coaches, Project and Delivery Managers and anyone who is interested?
AGILE with High Touch
To appreciate how soft skills bring value to an AGILE environment. How the following skills positively impact us, using real life case studies: Effective communication Assertiveness skills Ownership Mentality Building the environment of a Winning team Time management & Prioritization Servant Leadership Active Listening etc. A practical demo helping participants learn a skill which they will use forever. Understand the blocks I may have – why I have them, are they all justified, am I losing something because of my beliefs.

1. Chocolate exercise – Introduction of the need of high touch in the Agile world
2. Practical everyday scenarios in the agile world – 3-4 real case studies and how soft skills would help in each
3. Game on names
4. Inhibitions towards soft skill programs – the WHY of it
5. Who requires which soft skills
6. Q & A – for people to appreciate the value they can potentially derive out of a properly run soft skills program.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Everyone attending the conference
Building Agility: Psychological Dimensions
In any practice, its success and failure is majorly dependent on some of the aspects like :- people and the way in which they contribute, humility to learn and improve upon, fine tuning and aligning to local culture, and continuous effort to ensure not to fall into the trap of saturation or dilution. Agile is also not an exception. Mr. Khannur believes that building agility in thinking at individual level and also, at team level is a key factor to succeed in any agile related projects including testing. In Agile, making people to use different problem solving approaches that is supported by different thinking techniques, and also managing team meetings that deliver true value plays very crucial role. All these involve many psychological aspects.

Mr. Khannur presents some of his experiences and solutions that make team to use and continue to use agile, and at the same time protecting the project from possible dangers of dilution in agile culture so as to get the best out of agile, else, agile falls into trap of dilution and becomes another process driven experience with many overheads.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
#beyondEstimates for Testers.
Statistical analysis of work item durations. Forecasting of delivery times. Bootstrapping projects without planning poker.

There will be a short overview of the current state of the #noEstimates / #beyondEstimates movement. This will be followed by a practical session where various current statistical techniques are tried out by participants on spreadsheets.
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Bring a laptop with some spreadsheet software, If wi-fi is available, some online resources would be utilised.
Anyone who is interested in improving forecasting for testing and projects
Robot Framework : Lord of the Rings
Learn how you can use the RobotFX for Acceptance Testing / Behavior Driven development / Integration Testing. Learn about the advanced keyword driven framework, and the ability to create reusable/custom higher-level keywords. Learn about the integration across multiple tools and extensibility.

Talk including Demo for the learning objectives outlined above
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
Anyone who wants to collaborate in Agile Testing, and specifically Testers, Business Analyst, Developers and Executives who follow servant leadership
User Story Writing & Estimation For Testers
This session aims to introduce the critical aspects of user story formulation like INVEST principle, requirements hierarchy in Agile - with focus on aspects related to Agile Testing, such that it fits into the overall theme of the event. Through an exercise, with Lego blocks, the session will address the following aspects: Testability of user stories and importance of acceptance criteria. Handling NFRs - either as part of acceptance criteria or a new user stories. DoD and accommodating testing efforts as part of user story estimation; Defects as user stories. Dependency management between user stories via story maps.

Talk including Demo for the learning objectives outlined above
Hardware / software Requirements (if any):
Who should attend:
MS-PowerPoint 2010
Who should attend: Agile coaches, Agile developers and testers, Product Owners, Agile Project Managers, Test Managers


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Call for Proposals

Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) wants to invites industry practitioners to conduct and facilitate practical agile testing dojos / workshops / sessions at Agile Testing Alliance’s Global Gathering (ATAGG) 2014.

We invite industry experts and real agile practitioners to share their experience and expertise on practical agile & agile testing methods, techniques, processes, mindset, tools, physiology, science and art through a hands-­‐on interactive session (coding, testing, games, exercises & case studies) of either 1 or 2 hours.

Download practitioner’s proposal deck here. Download practitioner’s proposal form here. Fill in the proposal form and send it across to

Your topic stands a good chance for selection if

* the topic is unique and compelling
* your proposal clearly states the learning objectives
* the topic is delivered in a hands-on practical fashion
* the topic is relevant to the overall conference theme
* you have stated in details of how you are going to run the session

Agile and agile testing industry has matured and moved beyond basics. Hence we strongly discourage practitioner to pick up basic topics. Industry is ready for more advanced and practical topics than just theory. Couple of topics which industry wants to hear on are Disruptive Testing, Agile Requirements And Estimation, Agile Release Planning and Contracting, Agile Testing Strategies, Independent Agile Testing (is it even possible?), Agile Testing Tools, Test First & Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development, Big Data Testing, Cloud Testing, Mobile Testing, Non-functional Testing in an agile project etc…

*We strongly discourage tool authors from hijacking the conference to pitch their company, services or products.

Masa Kevin Maeda
Founder and CEO of Valueinnova LLC, an Agile Project Management mentoring, coaching, consulting and training company based in Silicon Valley, and with of Offices in 4 countries. With 25 years of solid experience, he is the creator of Lean Value Innovation; a Senior consultant for the Agile Project Management practice of the Cutter Consortium in Boston Massachusetts; and teacher of Value Innovation at the University of California at Berkeley extension.

Masa has provided lean-agile services to customers from Fortune100 to Startups in 12 countries in diverse industries such as Financial, Software development, IT, Airline, Telecommunications, Health, Online services, and Education.
Schalk Cronje
Schalk Cronje's experience in the software industry spans three decades and has spoken and taught on various software delivery techniques in the UK, USA, India and South Africa. He has been an early adopter of test-driven design and development at all levels of testings and has applied TDD in many programming languages and on various platforms. One specific library he can recall is still in daily usage and is used in scanning millions of emails world-wide, yet the customer defect rate is less than one per year, all which can be attributed to TDD.

He has been responsible for many a complex product roll-outs where continuous integration and continuous deployment have been the key. He does not consider TDD to be a useful technique, but the absolute key to competitive and agile delivery in this age of globalization.
Ashish Mishra
Ashish has over 19 years of experience in software testing, development, corporate training and public domain training. Over the period he has worked on number of projects as Account Manager, Test Manager, Programmer and Tester. His core expertise lies in Manual Testing, Test Automation and Test Management. He has been an early adopter of Selenium and has been able not only provide successful implementations using Selenium but also help in its propagation.

He is the executive member of the Indian Testing Board (ITB) and founder memebr of the Agile Testing Alliance (ATA). He belongs to the group of respectable innovators in the area of processes consulting and automation testing.
Parimala Hariprasad
Parimala Hariprasad spent her youth studying people and philosophy. By the time she got to work, she was able to put those learnings to help train skilled testers. She has worked as a tester for close to 12 years in domains like CRM, Security, e-Commerce and Healthcare. Her expertise lies in test coaching, test delivery excellence and creating great teams which ultimately fired her as the teams became self-sufficient. She has experienced the transition from Web to Mobile and emphasizes the need for Design Thinking in testing.

She frequently rants on her blog, Curious Tester. She tweets at @CuriousTester and can be found on LinkedIn. She currently serves as Delivery Director at PASS Technologies.
Siddhartha Deshpande
Siddhartha started his career as a Tool Developer and was involved in development of in-house automation test frameworks. He was also main contributor for in-house tools that focused on cross-browser automation testing & test data management. Worked in various technologies like Java, Ruby, Selenium, C Sharp, coded-UI.

Currently working as a Quality Analyst at Thoughtworks. He is passionate about exploring technologies & tools. And he aspires to be a technologist in future.
S R V Subrahmaniam
Subrahmaniam is an Agile transformation consultant with 16+ years in software industry, nearly half of that leading and coaching Agile teams. Has been part of enterprise-wide Lean-Agile adoption initiatives, focusing on organizational change management, process definition and evangelizing technical practices.

Subrahmaniam (Subbu) is working with Altimetrik as Principal Consultant - Agile, based out of Chennai. In his previous role as a Test Program Manager, he has set-up and innovated in Agile Testing related processes.
Praveen Shivashankar
Praveen is a Technical Consultant at Daon Inc., in the field of Biometrics. He has worked on some of the niche biometric projects of the world including one of the most ambitious projects of India – AADHAAR. Praveen holds an M.S degree in Electrical Engineering, from Wichita State University, Kansas USA.

He is also currently the Chairman of the Development Committee of YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in India and also one of its Trustees. Through YogaKshema, Praveen conducts workshops on ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts), Mind Training, Stress Management and Mindful Living.
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar started his career 10 years ago as a Software tester, of which the last 5+ years has been with ThoughtWorks Technologies. He has worked on a variety of technologies including Java, Ruby, C#, QTP, Selenium, WebDriver, Sharepoint.

And domains including Email, Travel, Retail, Payments, Cloud Engineering etc. His consulting experience includes consulting with banks and stock exchange to name a few.
Devi Sridharan
Devi Sridharan started her career as Automation Engineer, and currently associated with LinkedIn. She has quiet a bit of exposure to the agile methodologies. She is passionate about exploring new technologies & tools. Test automation has been her favorite so far.

She has tried her hands on responsive test automation, Infrastructure automation in addition to functional test automation. With 4+ years experience, she is still exploring testing to its fullest.
Ratish Wahie
Having graduated from IIT Delhi and having worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, Ratish's true passion lies in helping people internalise skills which help them grow to their full potential. He believes that the seeds of greatness are within every individual - sometimes they need someone to help them nurture the same.

He is now a full time soft skills trainer, a coach and a business owner - inspiring and leading others in a meaningful direction. His trainings are more of a hands-on practical display, using role plays, case studies, videos etc. to help people imbibe soft skills and gain confidence in dealing effectively with people and problems.
Arunkumar Khannur
Arunkumar Khannur, with 28+ years of experience in IT Industry, is an evolved IT Professional who is having expertise in Software Testing, Process Management and Improvement, Project Management, Internationally reputed Software Testing Guru, India’s Noted Software Testing Authority, and Author. He played a crucial role He is also an ISO- TickIT Lead Auditor (IRCA Certified, SGS UK) Author.

He provides advisory, consulting, and training services in India, China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Slovenia, and also, to UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization. At present, he is Chairman and CEO of ISQT Process and Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Mahesh Varadharajan
Mahesh Varadharajan is an Agile transformation consultant with 7+ years in software industry, nearly 5 years in leading and coaching Agile teams. He has been part of enterprise-wide Agile adoption initiatives, focusing on organizational change management, process definition, scaling agile and evangelizing mindset and cultural change.

Mahesh is currently working with Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) as an Agile Consultant based out of Chennai. Mahesh has a Cross-domain IT expertise coaching Fortune 500 companies across projects in BFSI, Telecom & Automotive businesses to optimize their solution delivery.

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